Noelle Martin

Award-Winning Activist. Law Reform Campaigner. Feminist. Lawyer.

Noelle Martin went from victim, to survivor, to law reform campaigner, to global activist, in response to sexual predators creating and distributing fake pornographic images and videos of her online. She now uses her voice to raise global awareness about technology-facilitated abuse, in particular, image-based sexual abuse and deepfakes. And speaks out about gendered abuse, victim blaming, slut shaming, and the human implications of advancements in technology. She delivers keynote speeches, talks, and lectures at schools, universities, law firms, and community forums, to name a few. 

Noelle's mission is to help create a safer online world, hold tech companies accountable for enabling abuse on their platforms, and fight for justice for victims and survivors of technology-facilitated abuse. 


About Noelle Martin

Inspiring Change and Fighting for Justice

Noelle Martin was awarded Young Western Australian of the Year in 2019, and listed as an honoree on the Forbes 30 Under 30 Asia list of 2019. She was admitted as a lawyer in Western Australia in 2020. And worked as a judge's associate (Research Orderly) to the Honourable Justice Smith at the Supreme Court of Western Australia. She has also worked in the Department of Justice in Western Australia. She is currently completing her Master of Laws at The University of Western Australia with the Minderoo Tech and Policy Lab, and is writing a dissertation about the legal, social, and ethical implications of Facebook Reality Labs' hyper-realistic human avatars.